Why nutritional psychiatrists like anchovies to promote brain health


Ramsey said that the high (but underestimated) nutritional value of anchovies is due to their long-chain omega-3 fatty acids: “An anchovy contains 87 milligrams of long-chain omega-3 fats,” Ramsey said. (with 1,150 mg One or two ounces will do! ) “In terms of brain health data, these are really important omega-3 fats. They are very fragile fats, very long fats, and Supplement DHA“.

Now, DHA is essential for brain health, and it is important to include other sources in the diet to support more limited amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. The body can produce on its own.Specific brain health benefits are well proven: this omega-3 has been proven to help you Repair brain cells And to support cognitive function, a study found that adults take DHA supplements for six months Improve memory function Compared with people taking placebo.

The study also found that patients with Alzheimer’s Lower amount of DHA in the brainThe higher DHA content in the blood may be related to the reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.Another study in the journal Neurology Even found that higher levels of DHA are associated with Have a bigger brain!

More research is needed in the following areas why This nutrient has many benefits for the brain, but as a neurologist and New York Times Best-selling author David Perlmutter, MD once tell us“Why DHA is so important to the brain, the reason may be that DHA has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.”

Of course, you can get DHA from all kinds of cold-water fish, but anchovies usually dominate for a reason: they are not only packed with omega-3 (as Ramsey said, a single anchovy has 87 mg), but because of the size Short, they are also Less likely to contain mercury and other pollutants It will accumulate every time you feed. If they are packed in high-quality olive oil, you can get additional benefits: in this case, you will have more healthy fat to fill your plate.


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