Why consider cleansing and moisturizing at the same time


Board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD Is one of our favorite skin care experts-so when she provides advice, we listen.Well, in the latest episode of our beauty podcast Clean beauty school, When asked what her latest advice is, it’s very simple: “If I have to fix it on the most important step I think I can take to protect your skin barrier, it’s: consider cleaning And moisturizing is the first step.

The problem is that when you mentally separate these two actions, you may be reluctant to complete the second action. “So people usually take a shower, then dry with a towel, and then put on clothes.” And if you take a moment, then put body moisturizer and face moisturizer in the bathroom (within a few seconds, pat dry In an instant), you are doing such an amazing thing for this skin barrier, that is, you are feeding yourself Microbiome, And you are trapped in moisture. “We can even suggest that you keep Body moisturizing In the shower, so you can apply after patted dry.


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