What is a cashew apple?Nutrition, health benefits and uses


Cashews, Alcayoba, Cashew nuts, Kajuil, Indian nuts, Cashews, paper, Or Meri These are some of the most common global names associated with cashew nuts.Although technically cashews, cashews are still the most popular part of the tree-due to their creamy texture, high fat content and Nutritious contour.

Although nuts are praised in the diet, their apples (or fake fruits) are still unpopular. The cashew apple (or the full part of the cashew fruit, connected to the cashew) looks like a mini oval boxing glove. From a botanical perspective, cashew apples are so-called auxiliary fruits because they grow after the cashew seeds are fully developed.Therefore, the actual stone fruit is still Pedicel It is a kidney-shaped shell that wraps edible food Cashew nuts, You will find it at the end of Apple.

Cashew tree is Native to tropical regions of Brazil and Venezuela And it has become barbaric since ancient times. Due to the participation of Portuguese seed traders, they began to enter the Indian coast and Mozambique in the 16th century, and eventually expanded to Asia and Africa. Today, cashew trees are found in the warmest regions of the world, and India and Vietnam are the world’s leading cashew nut production.

Cashew nuts and their ancestors have a wide variety of health applications, depending on culture, availability and overall culinary traditions. In Latin America, cashew apples are usually made into juices, wine, jams, salads and other delicacies (pie, anyone? ). In Asia, apple-inspired curry dishes, vegetarian stir-fries, desserts, vinegar and chutneys are one of the delicacies of these fruits.


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