Top 10 best aerobic exercises you can do at home from top coaches


Ready, start exercising, think about aerobic exercise!in spite of RunOne might think of cycling, swimming or even dancing-cardiovascular fitness (aka aerobic exercise) actually involves any type of exercise that increases the heart rate. This means that you can get a solid aerobics mesh in the comfort of your own living room.

Why bother with aerobic exercise?This exercise helps to stay healthy Blood sugar level, Control cholesterol, improve blood circulation, Promote the removal of cell waste, with Sleep aid.In addition, of course, it has Heart health benefits (Think​​: Blood Pressure Management and Heart Disease Prevention)—This is why the American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of medium intensity Do aerobic exercise once a week or 75 minutes of exercise high strength.

To help your fitness activities add more exciting fitness fun, we have collected 10 excellent aerobic exercises from two of our favorite fitness trainers.Add one of these actions to one of your daily work, Or choose some exercises from below to create one Whole heart circuit.


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