This is the best exercise for brain health from a neurologist


You may be thinking: How long should I climb the stairs to get these benefits? According to Sherzais, any amount of blood that can be drawn is good for brain health-so the exact time may vary depending on your personal exercise habits.

Of course, you can calculate how much your heart rate has increased ( Wearable display Etc.), but if you don’t have the technology at hand, Ayesha recommends that you pay attention when you are panting. She said: “Once you find it difficult to complete a sentence, panting and sweating, I think that is a good place.” “This is a good place for your BDNF to flush your body.”

Although, if you do choose to climb stairs (there are no machines, we should add one point), be careful: “The damage to the meniscus and ligament drops is greater,” Dean points out. Therefore, be gentle when you represent.


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