The United States has just set an impressive climate goal, can we achieve it?


The biggest caveat here is that this promise is largely non-binding.That is our place Climate-loving citizen Come in.

By keeping our elected officials under pressure to achieve this goal quickly, and doing our best to reduce our emissions, we can help keep this momentum going. Preparation for 2030.

As for how, climate scientist and author Under the sky we created: how to be human in a warming world, Dr. Kimberly Nicholas (Kimberly Nicholas) Say to vote for candidates Good climate score (Female candidate Tends to become particularly strong in this sector), moving forward will be essential, Write directly and call your representative Related to your climate issues. Volunteer activities with climate organizations and social movements that urge leaders not to use fossils are also a good way to further promote this cause. (, Friday in the future, with Evergreen Action Some recommendations from Nicholas. )

“And for high-emission individuals (from Annual income $ 38,000 Or even higher), the fastest way to reduce climate pollution is No flight, no car and no meat. These changes have greatly changed our actual speed of transition to zero emissions,” Nicholas told mbg, emphasizing that reducing flying is particularly impactful. “You have to skip two years of meat or avoid using 10,000 plastic water bottles. , Which is equivalent to saving the climate saved by a round-trip flight from New York to London. “

At the same time, we also need to support a fair transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry and ensure that everyone can enter the new clean, low-carbon society we are creating.

“President Biden’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a step in the right direction, but carbon emissions alone cannot solve the real problems of the frontline communities most affected by climate change.” Gloria Walton, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Justice Charity Foundation Solution projectTell mbg.

This means encouraging governments to consult and actively cooperate with communities affected by global warming. Walton added: “Thanks to the community that organizes and builds power at the ballot box, our federal government is committed to climate action. We must work harder than ever because it is time to turn people’s agendas over to climate justice solutions. It’s a plan.”

Currently 20 countries are responsible Approximately 80% of global emissions, So other high-emission countries will need to show a similar sense of urgency as we approach 2030. This week, Canada, Japan and Brazil also pledged to take a bolder stance on the climate moving forward.


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