The makeup artist explains why you should not smile when applying blush


Although everyone blushes in different places, smiles may mislead others. Look, a smile can lift the apples on your cheeks and help them turn into full, rounded corners. This will undoubtedly help to know where you are naturally rosy, but once you relax, these apples will sink back to their rest. Place.

As a result, “the position of your blush will actually be lowered in a straight posture,” Compton pointed out, which may create the illusion of sagging. On the contrary, when you apply blush with a relaxed face, you will know exactly where to plant it in order to achieve a radiant smile that radiates from the inside to the outside.

In addition, Compton added that applying blush on a relaxed face can prevent the formula from producing any wrinkles. Similarly, because a smile can lift the cheeks, once the pigment on the edge of the apple falls back, it can close to the fine lines.

So, how do you apply blush without looking in the mirror? Simple: Tap your blush (like this) Creamy dream From Alima Pure) chee bone, fused inward to create a soft fullness, or fused outwards toward the temples to enhance lifting power and clarity.Both technologies work well, you can adjust them According to your face shape.


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