The 11 best fragrance-free shower gels in 2021


For sensitive skin, perfume is the main thing Do not. In theory, after rinsing, it smells like orange sorbet, which sounds beautiful, but those with high skin activity may know that flavored products may cause irritation.As a dermatologist certified by the board Loretta Ciraldo, MD, FAAD, Tell us about Hypoallergenic products (Essentially means no fragrance): “[Fragrance] It is one of the most common ingredients that cause sensitivity, edema, itching and rash. ”

And because injecting artificial fragrance into the product, there is no other benefit except “getting the experience or smell of the product”, so it has been certified by the board of directors of dermatologists Purvisha Patel, MD, explain Sensitive skin type It is usually best to avoid them altogether.

We should note that even natural flavors, such as essential oils, can cause irritation to some people, namely Skin allergies. This is why we have compiled our favorite fragrance-free shower gel for your browsing pleasure.Not only do they contain no irritants that can cause sensitive skin, but our selected products can also be fed at the same time Skin barrier Contains nutrients. Considering sensitive skin, By definition, Which means that the skin barrier is damaged. These foams are very strong and can be added to your shopping cart.


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