Sustainable Swimwear for 2021: 12 affordable, including size options


First of all, you should know that finding a sustainable T-shirt or hoodie is much easier than a sustainable suit.

That’s because our swimmers need to repel water, so they can’t be made of cotton, linen or any other plant-based fabric that absorbs water (although some small designers are now trying out crochet suits made of natural yarn).

Instead, swimsuits are usually made of nylon (also known as polyamide) or polyester, two of which The most unfavorable fabric for the environment Because it contains a lot of water, chemicals and energy, and lacks biodegradability.

These synthetic fibers will also water ech Tiny plastic fragments When they are agitated or in contact with water (so whenever we go swimming or washing clothes).

Now, microplastics can be found throughout our oceans. Although their long-term effects on aquatic organisms are not yet clear, “plastics become a platform for concentrating pollutants, or they will be diluted in water.” Dr. Dimitri Deheyn Told mbg before Their potential risks.

Except for some major innovations, our swimsuits will get rid of plastic constraints in the foreseeable future. At the same time, we can at least choose materials made from recycled materials.

Synthetic, moisture-proof fabrics can be made from virgin (new) petroleum-based materials, or from materials that already exist and have been decomposed and spun into yarn. Recycling sites reduce the need to extract raw materials from the earth, and depending on where their plastic materials are obtained, they keep plastic waste out of landfills or the ocean.

These two recycled fabrics are the most common fabrics in swimwear:


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