Skin tips to make sure you are washing your face for a long time


You may be worried how often You should wash your face (the answer is: it depends on the situation, everyone is different. For more information, please check our guide), but you should also pay attention to how long You do.

Stephens said: “The third mistake is that you haven’t cleaned your face long enough. Sing or play your favorite songs until you are attracted.” Although each song is different, this interesting trick is likely to make you feel bad. Enter within about 30 seconds recommended by the nursing expert.

In terms of graininess: this mark ensures that you get rid of the makeup, dirt and any particles deposited on the skin of the day. This also has enough time to make sure you hit every area of ​​the skin, so every area gets enough attention. In addition, this means that you are actually working on your skin, massaging on the cleanser, and staying by your side at any time.

Perhaps this leaves the last question: what should you wash your face with?Ok look at our Favorite clean and natural face wash For your new entry.


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