Simple, delicious tofu and egg salad


This is a simple and very flavorful vegan tofu and egg salad. Great for sandwiches and tartines, wraps and crackers, and more! This is one of my favorite staples at lunchtime every day.

I have prepared a grilled sandwich with a vegan tofu and egg salad. It is plated on a white ceramic plate.

I slowly found myself capable of making more homemade food (after Perseverance feeling). I found that the key is to make everything very simple.

This tofu and egg salad is the epitome of simplicity. It does not require cooking and can be ready in about 15 minutes, but it is also very versatile. When you make a batch, you can pack it as a sandwich filling and use biscuits as a snack, but your heart wants to do the same.

I like to eat recipes like this: humble, humble staple food will become onerous as the week goes on. Especially welcome tofu and egg salad, because my isolation lunch is less inspired than any other meal. It’s great to break my sandwich procedure with this fresh, protein-rich option.

A bowl of plant-based sauce made with tofu. Fresh herbs are placed on the tofu.

Tofu: a great multitasking program

Is there anything I can’t make tofu?

I am almost as obsessed with using tofu as using cashews.In my house, it became Scramble, Hash, Cream cheese, A Cream base for soup, A Vegan Ricotta, Even chocolate pudding.

Tofu is a good base ingredient because it doesn’t have much flavor (until you season it) and has several different textures. It is easy to turn it into anything. Most importantly, it adds plant protein and good nutrition (healthy fatty acids, disease-resistant phytonutrients) to any product you make.

The Secret of “Eggy” Tofu Pudding

Of course, tofu is the star of this tofu and egg pudding.But there is another ingredient that can make egg salad “tasty”, which is CaranamarkOr black salt. Kala namak has sulfur compounds that give it a unique “loose” flavor.

Caranamark Used in chutneys, salads, raitas and chaats in South Asian cuisine. In vegan cooking, this is a convenient way to help create the egg flavor.I like to use it on my computer Tofu stir fry with Chickpea scramble. I also like to sprinkle it on tofu cubes, fry it, and use it in tofu “egg” sandwiches.

If you don’t have kala namak but are ready to make tofu and egg salad, don’t worry. It is worth trying the recipe with ala namak at some point, as it does change the taste. But the salad is still bright, delicious and tasty, and can be replaced with high-quality sea salt.

Tofu and egg salad ingredients

Firm tofu

I use hard tofu most often in tofu cooking. But for this type of recipe, firm (rather than super firm) tofu is most effective. If you don’t have or can’t find a piece of hard tofu, you can make it harder. The formula calls for 15 ounces, which is a standard size block.

Vegan may

You can use any vegan mayonnaise you like in the tofu and egg salad to get a creamy and authentic flavor. What I want to do is follow your inner Vegenaise.

Black salt

You can often find kala namak in Indian grocery stores and markets. You can also find it from spice suppliers and websites.I like to order This one My egg recipe.


A pinch of turmeric makes this recipe a bit yellow and reminiscent of traditional egg salad. I don’t use turmeric here because I find that the flavor of the spice will slightly interfere with the simple flavor of the egg salad.

Dijon mustard

My mother always filled egg salad with mustard when she grew up, and I still like the mustard flavor in this lunch salad!


The vinegar makes the salad slightly spicy and characteristic. I like to use white vinegar, but if I want to be more confident, I can switch to apple cider vinegar.

Herbal medicine

You can season tofu and egg salad with chopped dill, chives or parsley. I like these three varieties and tend to use any herb that I own and intend to use!

Service and storage

As you can see, I like egg salad on sandwiches and toast best. But this is a very good dipping sauce, very easy to use, and also very suitable for crudités as a too Really Love bagel sandwiches.

The tofu and egg salad will be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to four days.

More vegetarian lunch salads

If you are passionate about these recipes, they are very convenient for sandwiches and toasts, then here are some of my favorites:

A slice of vegan tofu and egg salad and a slice of green lettuce covered a slice of toast. It is placed on a white ceramic plate.
I have prepared a grilled sandwich with a vegan tofu and egg salad. It is plated on a white ceramic plate.

Preparation time: 5 minute

Cooking time: 10 minute

total time: 15 minute

Yield: 4 Share

  • 15 ounce Firm tofu (1 standard size block)
  • 6 Tablespoon Vegetarian mayonnaise
  • 1 piece Tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 2 pcs teaspoon White vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • 1 piece Tablespoon water (Adjust as needed)
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/4 teaspoon Caranamark (Instead of refined sea salt)
  • Freshly ground black pepper (Go to taste)
  • 3 Tablespoon Chopped fresh dill, chives or parsley
  • Wrap the tofu in a tea towel and squeeze it firmly. You don’t need to press the tofu, but just to remove the excess water in the tofu.

  • Crush the tofu into a mixing bowl by hand. Your goal is to smash most of it, but add some larger pieces to add a bit of texture.

  • Add mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, water, turmeric, kara namak and black pepper to the bowl. Mix everything together with a tablespoon. Continue mixing until everything is evenly mixed. Fold in the herbs. taste. Add extra mustard sauce, vinegar, pepper or some premium sea salt to taste. Serve in toast, crackers or sandwiches or bagel sandwiches.

An angle photo of a white plate with half of tofu egg salad sandwich and fresh vegetables on it.

Every year, the weather is warm and the breeze gradually softens, and lunches that do not require cooking and heating become popular. This salad is so cute. Hope to be with you this spring.



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