Radicchio Citrus Salad with Homemade Seasoning


At this point, we are already very familiar with our Bitter vegetables-But there are many other colorful vegetables that we should consider adding to our table.Satisfaction: Leafy red and purple vegetables, they are as delicious in salads (like this!) and can be added Beautiful new shades on the table.

Radicchio is one such leafy red vegetable, from the same family as chicory. Although it looks a bit like cabbage, it has a more pungent and bitter taste. It is usually in the early spring, so you will find it easier in the next few weeks than during the peak summer period. Rich in vitamin K (170% of the DV), it is also a good source of zinc, copper and antioxidants.At the same time, the oranges in this salad provide Vitamin C, potassium and calcium.

Other than that, it’s very simple: Homemade seasoning Use the remaining citrus juice and add some watercress to enhance the natural pepper flavor of Radicchio.

“This salad is simple and colorful, and can brighten up any spread that needs a bit of sunlight,” he wrote. Food NetworkJeff Mauro in his new cookbook come on. Inspired by the memories of growing up in a busy home with tourists, these recipes (including this salad) are meant to be shared.


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