Protein-packed vegetarian avocado and white bean toast recipe


What is better than avocado toast?One Variations of avocado toast This will really keep you full for a few hours-this vegan will definitely do this with ingredients you may have already obtained in the pantry.

The classic way to add protein to toast is to boil it with eggs, boil it or other methods. However, this is not an option for those who follow a plant-based diet and vegetarians, such as the cookbook author and cookbook developer Rozanna Purcell. Her choice?One Umami-And protein packaging Update, she shared on Instagram this weekShe wrote: “This may be a variant of my favorite avocado toast. It is both salty and salty, which is very good.”

She paired avocado with another cream ingredient: white beans. Although there are several types, cannellini beans are easy to find and can be perfectly applied to this recipe.

Registered dietitian Jess Cording, MS, RD, CDN Previously shared using White beans In the diet can provide “extra fiber and protein to offset any potential blood sugar rise.”

More importantly, beans is one of the founders of Blue Zones Dan ButnerFavorite food-because this budget-friendly pantry often appears in the diet of the area he studied. In fact, when he appeared on the mindbodygreen podcast, he said: “If you want to ask me if I need supplemental nutrition, you should live longer, I will say yes. […] 120 Everyday Bean. “

Purcell also uses a spoonful of spoons to add the benefits of fermentation to simple dishes. MisoAnd fresh herbs and citrus help keep the taste light-this is the ideal breakfast for an after-workout lunch.


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