Past memory science from 20 years of experts


You may be thinking: How do you judge whether your child is reminiscing about past lives or has creative imagination? Is it a fantasy or a real memory?

Tucker said that this is a common problem, but the key is to determine whether the child’s statement is indeed verifiable. “The child’s description, does it match people who lived and died in the past?” he asked. “Children must remember the correct details in order to track them, usually the names of people or places, otherwise it will be very difficult.”

In other words, he did hear a bunch of “weak cases”, and the child was either unable to provide detailed information or could not trace it back to someone who actually lived and died. However, when he did encounter a verifiable case, the details were shocking. Of course, he must also ensure that the child does not obtain the information through some ordinary means (for example, through television or familiar conversations between adults).

He explained: “In a famous case, a child remembered the pilot of World War II 50 years ago.” (The James Leininger case mentioned earlier.) “We can be sure The thing is, the children have never heard of this casual person, but they have a lot of memories.”


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