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Gabby Bachner, a pharmacy student at the Georgia University of Athens, discovered that he had eczema shortly after attending university. Her specific type is called contact dermatitis, which occurs when her body comes into contact with something that causes an allergic reaction. Bachner, who works in a pharmacy, discovered that her scrubs and certain lotions can cause eczema.

Eczema can cause many uncomfortable symptoms, including:

These changes can also have emotional and psychological effects. Bachner said that her eczema attack would definitely affect her self-confidence.

Eczema and mental health

Your skin is the largest organ, so appearance problems may have psychological effects.

Low self-confidence can damage your mental health. Dr. Mamta Jhaveri, assistant professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said: “Eczema occurs in both children and adults. We do know the occurrence of depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and many sleep disorders. The rate is higher.”

Compared with people without eczema, people with eczema have a higher chance of suffering from depression and anxiety. If you have severe eczema, the odds are even higher. This can lead to frustrating cycles. Jaweri said: “Stress can make eczema worse, and eczema can make stress worse.”

Eczema can affect your mental health in three main ways:

Bachner said that past eczema vacations have never been stress-free. Before traveling, she often had pedicures. The lotion used during treatment can cause eczema on the legs. And because many eczema treatments do not take effect immediately, she cannot control the epidemic before she leaves. This makes it difficult to feel confident in swimsuits. She worries that people will mistake it for an infection.

The combination of self-confidence, itching, and lower fatigue may make it difficult to get along with others in flares. Patients with eczema usually desire a comfortable and private environment. You may need to stay at home and take care of your skin.

Jahawili said: “This does cause many work errors, schools are out of school, and people sometimes choose not to participate in social activities.” Eczema can also affect intimate relationships. …If it affects the face or any private parts, it may affect interpersonal relationships. “

How to feel more confident

When Jhaveri treats people with eczema, she also uses the Anxiety and Depression Rating Scale to measure how their skin condition affects their mental health.

But the first line of treatment is always to control eczema. She said: “Sometimes, it can help improve the psychological side effects.” If the skin symptoms do not disappear, Jhaveri will help people find more help.

Children and adults have slightly different ways of building confidence. There are a few things parents can do to help build a child’s self-image:

These steps can help adults improve their mental health and body image:


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