Living with relapsing-remitting MS


I like to play a goalkeeper in a hockey game. At the end of 2008 after the melee, I realized that my feet were numb, not because of the cold. It did not disappear, so I saw my GP.He ordered the X-rays to be checked, followed by other checks, and then forwarded them to me Neurologist.The doctor ordered NMR, This shows my location brain.

The neurologist said: “You have a tumor, or Multiple sclerosis. “To figure out what it was, he gave me the fourth round SteroidAnd explained that if steroids reduce spots, it is MS. The lesion has indeed shrunk.

I was only 29 years old when I was diagnosed and I didn’t know anything about it Miss At that time. When I went to the pharmacy to prescribe medicine for the first time, they were told that my co-payment was $5,000 and I lived in $. I don’t know that pharmaceutical companies have co-payment assistance programs. Once I figured it out, it was much easier.

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My first medication was an intramuscular injection, and I was very afraid of needles, so my wife Megan (Megan) gave me a thigh injection once a week.I have been taking medication for about three years, until I liver The number has risen, and I have to change my dressing. We finally chose a drug that takes one pill a day. I’m glad I don’t need injections anymore.

At the first visit, I was a sports reporter for a TV news station in Minnesota. Later, when I applied for a new job at a station in Boise, Idaho, I hesitated to share my experience of having MS. But I did mention this, and the news director’s response was so outstanding. They have a relationship with the local branch of the National MS Society. I was hired by the station and they asked me to be the host of Boise MS Walk. This is amazing. I met the big men of MS and they became like family members. In the end, my wife even went to work for the National MS Association. It is so important to us.

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Since i started taking oral drug. I do have a balance problem. When I hit a goalkeeper, sometimes I fall for no reason. I feel incredibly tired. Megan and I have two sons, and when my three-year-old takes a nap, I definitely need one too. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but I learned to do my best to work properly.

I ride a bike with the oldest coach in the minor league. My children force me to do things. When you are diagnosed with MS for the first time, it may feel like the worst thing, but after I have suffered from this disease for a long time, you will realize that “I am really lucky”. I will continue to do my best.

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Find a mentor: Connect with people who can provide guidance for a good life in MS. The National MS Association navigation program can help.

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open: Some people decide to keep their MS diagnosis Private, but Chris found that when he shared this information with others (such as the other parents of the minor league team he was mentoring), they were eager to help.

Find the right neurologist: Chris sees a neurologist at the MS clinic, where the medical team has an in-depth understanding of the disease. He found the clinic through the National MS Association.

Rest awhile: In order to deal with MS fatigue, Chris tried to take a break. He said: “Even if you lie down for a few minutes, it will bring great benefits.”

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