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The board-certified dermatologist said: “Don’t be too complicated, you can think of exfoliation as actively removing the dead skin layer on the upper layer of the skin.” Flora Kim, MD, FAAD. “Although cell renewal is related to the life or maturation process of skin cells from birth to death, this process will continue to occur as the cells continue to move upwards until they peel off.” In essence: Exfoliating can remove dead skin cells, but turnover Rate can replace it with younger, more agile cells.

This is why exfoliants will immediately provide more instant brilliance, because they will dissolve too much dead skin surface layer at that time and there.And the ingredients that promote cell renewal (such as Retinoids) Optimize the life cycle of skin cells and push fresh baby cells to the top-when this happens, these old cells will eventually fall off, but it does take more time.Since the cell is Slow response to wound healing As we age, accelerating cell renewal can help the skin reduce pigmentation and fine lines, as well as stimulate collagen production.

Although, you should know that exfoliation and cell renewal are not mutually exclusive: many exfoliants (such as AHA and BHA) In addition to shedding dead skin cells, it also promotes cell renewal; therefore, as young cells are pushed to the surface, cell renewal does cause dead skin shedding. However, some exfoliants may dissolve the dead skin cells on the top, but they cannot fully promote the cell renewal of the living cells below, so the nuance is important.

take EnzymeFor example: “Enzymes are very useful for sensitive skin because they can break down the proteins found in dead skin cells, but they won’t cause any cell death or turnover like acid.” Rory Melynda Barnes, MD, introduced us Enzyme to acid.

In other words, cell renewal can cause skin to fall off, but skin off does not always mean that you are encouraging new skin cells to grow to the top.


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