How to use wisdom to fight loneliness from a neuropsychiatrist


in spite of There is moderate to severe loneliness throughout the adult’s life cycle, I found it was Especially stressful at certain ages-One of them was in the late 1980s.

In our society, getting older usually means moving into an elderly residence or retirement community. These places have obvious benefits, such as closer proximity to basic services and companion groups. These are the main examples of collection settings. However, although there are common places, planned social activities and community activities, loneliness is not uncommon in the living environment of these communities or groups.

In fact, in a study conducted by my colleagues and I, 85% of residents are independent Senior housing communities report moderate to severe loneliness. Some reasons are obvious. Age-related losses, such as the loss of spouses, siblings, and friends, are a source of loneliness. Meeting new people in a new community is not always easy, and it may not be enough to make up for the people we have lost. Loneliness may also be related to loss of purpose, loss of direction and control.

But age can bring wisdom, This is the great antidote to loneliness.


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