How to thin nail polish when thin nail polish: 5 expert tips


Polish adhesives are a very common problem, so much so that you can find a lot of Polish thinners on the market to liquefy the consistency.Outline the diluent of your choice (e.g. This one (From ella + mila), then add a few drops to your paint bottle. “Once the thinner is added, you can wipe the polish bottle between your hands to ensure the uniformity of the new polish mixture.” Sunday-Focus on healthy nail care brand.

Lin pointed out that as long as it is not shaken, it can be combined-this may cause bubbles in the polish, which will make your Polish chips faster.

Simply sand the polish between your palms to make the mixture swirl. Another warning? Polish thinner usually contains the same basic ingredients as nail polish, so it may affect the pigment, depending on how many drops you use. (Usually, the more drops you use, the more the color will be washed off.) One or two drops may not make a noticeable change, but if you are concerned about color release, you may need to follow some of the other methods below.


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