How to make cold brew coffee at home + what it is and other frequently asked questions


The type of beans you choose really depends on your taste. For chocolate flavors, Schein recommends medium baking from Central America. For fruity flavors, try lightly roasted African coffee beans. Schein said: “Lighter roasts will be brighter and may not be so attractive.” “The taste will be interesting-maybe you will get some fruit and lemon aromas.”

Steep ground will also change the taste. Schoen said that there is no way to make them steep, but some people choose to leave them at room temperature for 12 hours, which produces a greater taste and more chocolate flavor. And immersing the refrigerator in water will produce cleaner and brighter notes.

However, this is actually related to preferences.Try various soaking methods and beans (including Decaffeinated, If that’s your business) until you find something you like.


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