How to make a gastrointestinal diet


If there is a dietary truth, we can all reach a consensus, that is There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition method. We are all people with different needs, which also contributes to a healthy diet. That’s why, based on my experience in functional nutritional therapy, Health Guidance, I find that eating according to the individual’s intestinal type may be helpful.

What is “gut type”?This is the concept I use to describe you Default imbalance of the intestine, It will show its true color when you are under stress or internal discomfort. (Learn more about the five gut types here)

Knowing your gut type can provide you with clues about which foods, supplements, and lifestyle factors might help you feel best. That said, it’s important to experiment with the best method for you-if you have multiple types of gastrointestinal drugs, you may need to try multiple methods. (Again, there is no universal method in terms of diet.)

Below, based on my own experience, some suggestions are made for each intestinal type.

notes: No matter what your intestinal type is, if you experience difficult symptoms, please consider Work with functional medicine practitionersHelp you find the root cause behind the health challenge. Also, consult your doctor before adding any supplements to your daily diet or making major dietary changes.


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