How to make a DIY bathroom spray with only 2 essential oils


According to McClure, the combination of lavender and lemon is a great aroma combination that can really effectively remove odors. Lemon essential oilShe added, Antibacterial, antiseptic and antibacterial, And so is lavender Antiseptic and antibacterialAnd antifungal drugs.

When sprayed directly into the toilet bowl, these oils will form a film on the surface of the water, which will help trap odors and prevent them from escaping into the air.

The good thing about the 4-ounce bottle is that if you are shy about any unpleasant bathroom smell, you can stuff it in your wallet and use it anywhere. You can also put it in the bathroom at home for guests to use!

This spray can also be used as Independent air freshener, It should last a few weeks. Once it loses its odor and/or starts to look fuzzy, throw it away.


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