How my rare cancer diagnosis started a journey of self-discovery


I am a very witty and independent woman. Even so, I am still looking for answers from others and the outside world.I have been away for a long time The path of self-discovery To make my new life more clear.

I contacted doctors outside the selected medical team, which helped me learn more about my illness and gave me confidence in the treatment I received. In the process, I also established contacts with these providers and relied on them for more support and discussions.

I have established a network of friends and family and provided me with the emotional support I need.I am very picky about people who choose to join the network-I am eager Positive and constructive person, They can not only provide my love and support, but also share my values.

Friends who have experienced similar experiences provided advice and comfort. They helped me through other painful steps in the journey, such as getting my hair off or undergoing quarterly checkups, but it just made me feel that my life was turned upside down again and again.

Through word of mouth, I learned about alternative therapies, which can complement my treatment methods and help me study myself more deeply. I tried all the methods that worked for me: Biological decoding, Psychology, ReikiQuantum repair Hypnosis, Reflexology Supplements and diet changes. These all contributed to my happiness in some way.

In these therapies, I have to face Depressive trauma From my childhood and adult life, I have easily hid. Although the process may seem daunting at first, public healing of these wounds is essential for recovery.

In the end, I was able to integrate the concepts learned from various therapies and transform them into the behaviors and values ​​that I am deeply committed to now. As I continue to develop, I often check with myself to decide if I need to make changes.

In terms of cancer, I got complete remission and continued to enjoy relative peace for several months. Unfortunately, I encountered further setbacks later, which became more opportunities for learning and growth.


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