How Lucy Hale applied concealer to red, raised acne


Hale pointed out: “The trick is to layer on the powder.” She grabbed a thicker concealer (we recommend This foundation stick (From Westman Atelier) and wipe it on the spot; then use a small eye shadow brush to dab loose powder on the order to Acne inflammation, This two-step operation actually seems like a charm. It sounds simple and obvious, but you may not understand how it works until you put it into practice.

So let’s break it down: you are actually matting the area with a powder, which limits shine (so be aware of acne). However, the powder also helps to blur the area-this is especially important for raised, inflamed pimples.Of course, a little concealer might Neutralize any rednessBut this does not necessarily contribute to the texture change, and layering on the product ball will only make it appear caked. With a light touch of powder, you can surround the area and eliminate any shadows, so the mound does not look so raised.

Finally, setting the concealer to powder can also help the product stay longer. Win-win.


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