Ground Turkey linked to salmonella outbreak


April 13, 2021-Turkey may be the source of turkey salmonella The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that 28 people in 12 states were sickened by the outbreak.

Two people have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported.

On April 10, federal officials issued a public health alert warning of nearly 212,000 pounds of raw turkey meat produced by Plainville Brands, LLC. These products are sold under the brand names of “Nature’s Promise”, “Wegman” and “Plainville Farms” and are marked within the US State Department with the date 1/1/21–1/10/21 and the agency number “P244”. Agricultural inspection sign.

The CDC says that although these products are no longer sold in stores, they can still be placed in people’s freezers. It warns against eating, eating or selling any affected products.


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