From a psychologist, how does lack of sleep affect your sex life


Early in my career, I had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Robert MeadowsA sociologist at the University of Surrey, he is doing some interesting work on the shared nature of sleep.In a study, he Use calligraphy to measure the sleep of couples, He and his colleagues showed that “one-third of the difference in sleep is caused by the relationship between husband and wife.” In other words, when observing a person’s sleep patterns throughout the night, the bed partner’s sleep affects 30% of the person’s sleep. (Or lack thereof).

In Meadow’s words, “You can no longer ignore the impact of a bed partner on a person’s sleep. Interdependence may be the decisive feature of relationships, and in a society where adults share beds, it may also be a decisive feature of sleep.”

If you share a bed, it may be particularly detrimental to the bed partner’s sleep. Other partners are hittersAs you might imagine. In fact, if you go to sleep while snoring, you can attribute up to 50% of your sleep interruptions to your partner. Considering that men are more likely to snooze than women, this may be why some studies have shown that when men and women are in the same bed, women sleep more easily than men.

Insufficient sleep can enable us to establish greater emotional alienation and negative conflict strategies in relationships, but if I have not mentioned the negative effects of lack of sleep on us, I will be at a loss. Physical connection and intimacy.


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