Eric Richrt’s 2 Mushroom Soup Recipes


Eric Richrt is known as the chef and partner of Le Bernardin in New York, a seafood-centric restaurant with three Michelin stars.This means he wrote an all-vegetable cookbook with the title Vegetable simple, It was released yesterday.

Inspired by more than 200 pages of vegetarian recipes, simple ingredients, short ingredients, and recipes inspired by Richrt’s childhood may seem a bit unexpected for a seafood-centric chef. But, in fact, this is a project in the pipeline: “At Le Bernardin, we have a mantra:’Fish is the star on the plate’,” Richrt told mindbodygreen. “Although this is still the case, about three years ago, I became very curious about vegetables and started to explore why we don’t highlight vegetables in the same way as protein.”

Raturt is not alone in this fascinating vegetable. Restaurants from fast food restaurants to high-end restaurants have a high enthusiasm for vegetarians and vegans, but here we have always been fascinated Plant-based diet. (Actually, Ripertt’s dedication to “The Welfare of All People” is not far from our core point of view.

This concise recipe shows the cooking style that this book focuses on: simple, clean and completely focused on vegetables. Consommé is a Broth type, It is made with a technique that makes the mixture free of deposits.Although it usually starts with animal protein, this vegan version uses mushroom. Lipper wrote: “I like to eat this clear soup after meals. Its lightness is deceptive, and its rich flavor surprises my customers.”

Although you did remove most of the mushrooms before eating, it does not mean that they have to be waste: “You can put strained mushrooms in another dish again, or you can simply dip them in olives. Marinate in oil and sprinkle with a little vinegar, season with salt and pepper.”


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