Drew Barrymore’s eyeliner technique to balance uneven eyes


According to Barrymore, the trick is to tighten the upper water line above the eye that looks more droopy.She pointed out in the video, “As you can see, one eye is lower than the other.” She pointed out in the shadow of the waterline above: “This will open my eyes to match [the other]. ”

Then she waved her hand The beauty of flowers always wear eyeliner And surround her highest waterline. Make sure to stay within the waterline (please read: not the lash line) so that it looks more natural and even. If you notice any shift in the bottom waterline throughout the day, Barrymore recommends sliding a wet cotton swab along the edge. There, you can find: symmetrical eyes that look completely awake in two minutes.

“This is really a cool trick,” Barrymore added. “I think my eyes look more than before.” There is a sharp contrast between before and after (don’t believe us; please watch the video!), but the hacker’s importance. If you ask us, you can also increase your beauty secrets.

As for the color, any color liner can be used-Barrymore uses h onyx shades to match black mascara, but you can always use brown or taupe for a softer look.

If you want to make your eyes appear brighter?Well, makeup artists will soon praise the edges of white eyeliner, some strategic highlighters and other eye-opening techniques Here.


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