Does masturbation affect immunity?What the research says


There is not enough evidence to confirm whether masturbation can meaningfully affect immunity, but some preliminary studies indicate that masturbation may have a positive effect.

A small study in 2004 found Higher white blood cell count in men After orgasm after masturbation, compared with the white blood cell count before orgasm. White blood cells (also called white blood cells) are responsible for discovering and attacking bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. in the body. The researchers pointed out: “These findings indicate that components of the innate immune system are activated by sexual arousal and orgasm.”

Dr. Tierney Lorenz, A clinical psychologist who studies sexual health and immunity said that masturbation may indeed affect immunity, although this does not mean that most people would think it would. She told mbg: “When people ask about immunity, they are usually talking about your sensitivity to disease, but the immune system actually does a lot of different things.” “It can help your body recover from the wound, exercise It can be cured later, and during your menstruation, you can help it tear up the unused tissue and then rebuild it.

When it comes to sexual activities including masturbation, the main part of the immune system that affects women is related to reproduction.Lorenz explained: “The more people who engage in sexual activity and masturbation, the more messages they send to the body, that is, reproduction is the top priority, and the immune system will perform in a manner consistent with that top priority. Role.” In some ways, this will be the person’s net benefit because Reproductive mechanisms may reduce responsiveness to certain autoimmune problems, She added.


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