Coffee protein shake (with peanut butter and banana)


You will love it Coffee protein shake recipe. This is no ordinary protein shake, because it is made from cold brew coffee, peanut butter and banana – the ultimate flavor combination!

Fresh milk breakfast milkshake without dairy products

Best coffee protein shakes

I have not always been a smoothie girl.If you talk to other ladies on Team Fit Foodie, they will tell you that I like to have a glass Arugula toast Or breakfast salad with Boiled egg.

however, Protein shake My jam is not only a product with rich flavor, but also a product with rich nutrition (such as this coffee protein shake).

Why make this protein shake?

high protein: This protein shake formula allows you to get 13g of protein per serving!

Favorite flavor: If you are skeptical about coffee + peanut butter + bananas, then don’t! You will have to trust us in this regard, these flavors are so good.

Easy to make: Put everything in the blender and you can rock!

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake Ingredients

Ingredients of coffee protein shake

This coffee protein smoothie formula consists of 4 ingredients. Let’s break it down:

  1. Frozen fruit
  2. liquid
  3. protein

Frozen fruit

We are big fans of fruit smoothies, which means we don’t like using ice! Insert – frozen bananas!

Bananas are indeed the ideal basis for any smoothie. with? They can afford it!Check out our posts How to freeze bananas Therefore, you can always use them at any time to quickly select smoothie ingredients.

Is there no banana? no problem. Any frozen fruit is suitable for this recipe! Yes, the taste will change, but if you add peanut butter and protein powder to any smoothie recipe, you will definitely have a delicious smoothie.


The liquid in this smoothie is a mixture of almond milk and coffee.You can do it yourself Almond milk Or buy your favorite brand in the store.You can even replace it with Oat milk Or milk.

For coffee, we recommend using cold brewed espresso because it has a strong flavor and does not require much.However, you can also use iced coffee or even ice-cold coffee French filter pot of coffee. Just make sure to brew it into a strong flavor.

Recommended cold drink brands

There are many store-bought cold brew brands these days, but we think we should share 3 favorites! Remember, you are looking for a concentrate that is much stronger than diluted cold brewed wine.

Pour the protein shake into the glass


Not only can you get a lot of protein from the protein powder in this milkshake, but you can also get a lot of protein from peanut butter! The protein and healthy fat content in peanut butter is very high, it really makes this flavor stand out. Use any one at any time.

As for protein powder, everyone has their own opinions on protein powder. You can use chocolate protein powder (for more mocha flavor) or vanilla protein powder.

However, everyone’s taste buds, dietary restrictions and the definition of “clean eating” are very different.Personally, we love SFH Pure Whey Vanilla Protein Powder Used for whey protein and Garden of Life Original Organic Vanilla Protein Powder Choose for our vegetarian protein. They taste great in smoothies and baked goods. These are the most important things to us.

Any protein powder can be used in this milkshake. You can use your favorite protein in this healthy breakfast smoothie! We will fully support you.

Protein powder guide

Looking for the best protein powder to buy?Look at our Protein powder guide Here we share our top plant-based and whey protein powders.

High protein drinks

How to make a coffee protein shake

Making a smoothie is probably the easiest thing you have ever done. In less than 5 minutes, you only need a kitchen tool-a blender!

  1. Put all your ingredients in High speed mixer.
  2. Mix on high until smooth.
  3. Add more almond milk as needed to make your smoothie thinner.

Our favorite


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Protein smoothie

Photos of healthy breakfast smoothies

Coffee protein shake recipe

This coffee protein shake needs a breakfast like dessert! It is packaged in protein and is made from frozen bananas, peanut butter, cold brew and protein powder.

ready: 5 minuteschef: 0 minutesAll: 5 minutes

fat 10

Carbohydrates twenty three

protein 15

yield 2 pcs 1 pieceX

raw material

  • 1 piece Large frozen banana
  • 2 tbsp All Natural Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 1/4 cup powder (vanilla and chocolate are both delicious)
  • ¼ cup Cold brew concentrate*
  • 1/2 cup Unsweetened almond milk (or more flavors)


  1. Put all the ingredients in High speed mixer.
  2. Shake the mixed egg whites for about 60 seconds or until smooth.
  3. You can choose to add more almond milk as needed to make your smoothie thinner.
  4. Serve immediately.

Tips and attention

  • Cold brew: Make sure to buy concentrated cold brew. Concentrate is much stronger than diluted cold brew. You can also use espresso. Just make sure to cool it down first.

nutrient content

Serving size: 1/2
Calories: 220
sugar: 9
sodium: 147
fat: 10
Carbohydrates: twenty three
fiber: 4
protein: 15

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photography: The photos in this article were written by Erin of The Wooden Skillet.


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