Cardiologists on the heart health benefits of garlic


Strangely, the benefits of certain cardiovascular diseases are rooted in the intestinal health benefits of vegetables.Garlic is rich in Prebiotic fiberThis is essential for the prosperity of probiotics (also known as good bacteria) in the intestines.

According to published in Journal of Cardiovascular Research, Probiotics have been shown to control blood cholesterol By reducing the production of cholesterol, decomposing liver bile acid, and even eating excess cholesterol as a source of nutrition.Other research shows Prebiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics may play a role in overall cardiovascular health.

“not only [garlic] a legendary Prebiotics, But it also has antibacterial properties. Gundry added. He said: “If you like the contagious theory of heart disease (I am willing to do so), it may explain why garlic eaters have so few arterial plaques. ”

This Heart disease transmission theory Point out that exposure to certain infectious sources, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites, may lead to plaque buildup (atherosclerosis) and eventually coronary artery disease.

But because garlic contains Anti-inflammatory (medicine, Antibacterial, with Antiviral properties, Eat possible Reduce the risk of infection, So there is a risk of developing heart-related problems.


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