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This buttery lettuce salad combines vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese and sprinkled with simple lemon balsamic vinegar. Everything on the bed of tender butter lettuce makes a perfect and delicious salad.

Butter lettuce salad with apples, peppers, silver almonds, grated Parmesan cheese, and more salads in a salad bowl.

Best Butter Lettuce Salad

This buttery lettuce salad is delicious and bright. It is part of a balanced salad and is very suitable as a side salad or a complete lunch.

What are the benefits of butter lettuce salad?

Butter lettuce (also called bibb lettuce) is a tender, soft, and tasty lettuce, usually large-rooted lettuce whose roots are still attached.

Butter lettuce is more fragile than other lettuce (such as cabbage and romaine lettuce), so keeping the roots can prevent butter lettuce from wilting!

Butter lettuce is suitable for many different recipes. It is great for light salads, but also great for sandwiches, wrappers, and even butter lettuce as a real wrapper instead of tortillas. The options are endless.

Butter Lettuce Salad Ingredients

This salad is the perfect balance of sweet, salty, crunchy and light. The perfect combination of vegetables, fruits, nuts and delicious seasonings.

  • Butter lettuce
  • olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • White wine balsamic vinegar
  • Maple sugar
  • Dijon mustard
  • Minced garlic
  • Shallots
  • Almond almond
  • Maple sugar
  • fennel
  • Honey Crisp Apple
  • Red bell pepper
  • Parmesan cheese

How to make butter lettuce salad

Before assembling this butter lettuce salad, just take a few simple steps. There are several layers of sweet, salty and crunchy.

Prepare the dressing

This butter lettuce salad goes with ours Classic Lemon Vinaigrette. All you need to do is add the seasoning to the jar, close the lid, and shake the seasoning until all the ingredients are mixed together.

Lemon balsamic vinegar in a small bottle.

Stir-fried shallots

The most delicious part of the salad is the salted shallots prepared before assembling the salad. The idea is to fry them and then make them crispy. They will serve as a crispy topping for butter lettuce salad.

  1. You want to line the plate with a paper towel, so that after frying the shallots, there is a place to make them crispy.
  2. Then, heat a large frying pan over medium/low heat. Add ¼ cup olive oil. When the olive oil is fragrant, add green onions.
  3. Boil the shallots for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the shallots are golden brown.
  4. When the shallots turn brown, quickly place the shallots on a lined board to make them brittle.
Shallots fried in a pan.

Roasted almonds

The sweetness of the salad comes from these delicious candied almonds.We made a quick candy for these almonds (very similar to these Candied Walnuts Recipe).

Put the almonds and maple syrup in a small frying pan, then boil the almonds in the maple syrup. Remove them from the fire, put them on a plate, let them cool and become brittle,

Almonds are toasting in a pot.

Assemble your salad

After preparing the almonds and spring onions, put all the ingredients for the salad in a bowl, and drizzle the salad with lemon vinegar.

How do you cut lettuce into butter lettuce salad?

You can tear the butter lettuce into small pieces with your hands, or you can chop the butter lettuce with a knife.

You usually want to enlarge butter lettuce into chunks because it is a more fragile lettuce. The larger the butter lettuce chunks, the less soggy the butter lettuce will become.


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Pour the lemon vinaigrette on the butter lettuce salad

Tips and tricks for butter lettuce salad

Ingredients add-on + alternative

This salad is perfect, but if you don’t have any ingredients or want to replace any of the ingredients in this salad, come on!Maybe you are looking to add roast chicken In addition to a little protein salad, we also covered there.

The following are some of the ingredients we recommend to add or substitute.



  • Apple—>plum
  • Stir-fried shallots -> diced red onion
  • Almonds -> chopped pistachios or roasted pine nuts
  • Fennel –> chopped celery
  • Red pepper -> any sweet pepper

Use different dressings

We use our favorite Lemon Vinaigrette Salad, but if it is not your condiment, we can provide many delicious salad dressings for you to choose from. Here are some of our favorites.

Service Suggestion

If you want to make this salad a full meal, we strongly recommend that you add protein.

This buttery lettuce salad can be a great side dish for any of the following dishes!

  • Roast pork tenderloin This is our best roast pork tenderloin recipe; it is dried with smoked spices, marinated in sweet barbecue soy sauce, and grilled until juicy. This is a simple pork tenderloin recipe, but it turns out that it is so tender and delicious.
  • Baked Chicken Parmesan-Parmesan Roast Chicken is an easy-to-make chicken recipe. The oven-baked chicken parmesan is first fried, and then steamed to dry in the oven.
  • Bama crusted chicken Chicken Parmesan Crust is such a wonderful and delicious chicken recipe. Put the chicken breast in a mixture of Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs and fry until golden brown.
  • Grilled salmon– With this simple and simple step-by-step tutorial on how to grill salmon, you can get the perfect grilled salmon every time!
  • Turkey Burger Recipe Say hello to the best juicy Turkish burger you have ever eaten! These turkey burgers are always delicious and never dry. enjoy!

Storage recommendations

If you do not eat the salad immediately, it is recommended to store the salad and condiments separately. No one likes soggy salad!

Butter lettuce salad in a salad bowl.

Butter lettuce salad in a bowl.

Butter Lettuce Salad

This makes this butter lettuce salad recipe easy to match and can be used as a delicious choice for any meal.

ready: 10 minuteschef: 20 minutesAll: 30 minutes

fat 27

Carbohydrates 28 years old

protein 5

yield 46 1 pieceX

raw material

Lemon balsamic vinegar

  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp Fresh lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon White wine balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Maple sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • ½ teaspoon Minced garlic
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of pepper


  • 3 Medium green onion, thinly sliced
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • ⅓ cup Flat almonds
  • ½ tablespoon Maple sugar
  • 1 piece Butter head lettuce, cut into large pieces
  • 1 cup Thinly sliced ​​fennel
  • 1 piece Xiaomi crisp apple, sliced ​​into thin slices
  • 1 piece Small red bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 tbsp Shredded parmesan cheese


  1. First, prepare the vinaigrette. Put olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, maple syrup, mustard, garlic, salt and pepper into a glass bottle. Cover and shake. Set aside.
  2. Prepare to fry shallots. Use a paper towel to mark the plate. Set aside.
  3. Heat a large frying pan over medium/low heat. Add ¼ cup olive oil. When the olive oil is fragrant, add green onions. Boil the shallots for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the shallots are golden brown.
  4. At the same time, prepare candied almonds. Heat a separate small frying pan over medium/low heat. Add almonds and maple syrup to the frying pan, and then cover all the almonds with maple syrup. Let the almonds cook for 10 to 12 minutes, or until they start to brown. Remove from the fire and transfer them to a separate board (they will harden as they cool). Set aside.
  5. Use a slotted spoon to remove the brown shallots from the pot and place the shallots on a board lined with paper towels. Set aside.
  6. Assemble the salad. Place the butter lettuce in a large salad bowl. Spread fennel, thinly sliced ​​apples, sweet peppers and almonds on the lettuce. Drizzle the balsamic vinegar over the ingredients and toss. Finally, top the salad with fried shallots and Parmesan cheese.

nutrient content

Serving size: 1/4
Calories: 363
sugar: 12
sodium: 173
fat: 27
Carbohydrates: 28 years old
fiber: 5
protein: 5
cholesterol: 2 pcs

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photography: The photos in this article were written by Erin of The Wooden Skillet.


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