An essential oil blend prepared by a sleeper, from an aromatherapist


According to Cohen, lavender is definitely a good starting point, and when you pair it with citrus spices (both refreshing and relaxing), you can enjoy a great blend before going to bed. She told mbg: “My favorite combination of cleansing, freshness and lightness is lavender and orange lavender. It is famous for its tranquilizers. Relieving anxiety and calming properties Help your body relax and fall asleep. “

She explained The key ingredient of lavender, Called linalool, helps Activate the calming neurotransmitter GABA, Can help you calm your mind and body. “Similarly, citrus oils such as citrus oil also show Strong emotional soothing and stress-reducing effect It can calm the mind and support adequate sleep. “

If you prefer floral scents, and/or Wake up at night, Cohen said, you can also add eight drops of geranium or rose geranium to this mixture. She said: “Geranium is a great essential oil that helps relieve waking up at night.” Blood sugar levels have dropped significantly.

Whether you drop a few drops in the shower or bathtub, use it in a diffuser, or just smell it before going to bed, Cohen says this bedtime is her favorite.


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