Amazon Live Show Episode 15: Bacon Makes Everything Better


This is bacon Monopoly! I have included beloved foods in all five recipes in my selection In my Amazon Live show this week. first of all, BLEAT Quesadilla, this is Interesting spin of traditional BLT. Next, I prepared BLT pasta salad and bacon ranch seasoning, which is very suitable for barbecue or family gatherings. Then, I made three mouth-watering bacon wrap recipes, using dates (super sweet and chewy), green beans (beautiful bunches, looks fancy in special circumstances) and carrots (imaginary tender burnt). Sugar carrots are wrapped in salted bacon and served with maple glaze)-I tell you, this is good. missed episode?You can watch now click here. And don’t forget to check out the selected recipes below.

BLEAT Quesadilla
BLT Pasta Salad
Bacon Roll Date
Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
Maple Glazed Carrots Wrapped in Bacon

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