A simple trick to make tofu more delicious


The advice is simple: drain tofu, Put it in an airtight container, and then put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, take it out and thaw it on a shelf so that the excess water can be drained (they say the defrosting process takes about four hours). When thawing, you can squeeze more water. It is important to note that the tofu will change color in the refrigerator, but this is good, and it should return to a more normal hue after melting.

“This method creates ice crystals in the tofu, which turns into ice packs when you defrost. The end result is a super spongy tofu,” Pope and Pook explained in the title of their video post. “The tofu can then absorb more marinade, giving it a lot of flavor and creating the chewy texture we like.”

After thawing, you can cut the tofu into cubes or thin slices (depending on what is made), and then marinate as usual. Then, vegetarians recommend throwing in some corn flour or other starches to make it crispy when cooking.Then, reduce the remaining marinade to Make a sauce, And enjoy your perfect small pieces of tofu.


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