8 expert tips for each hair type


Given that there are many variables in hair, there is no one-time recommendation that suits all situations. Give me an example? When to comb your hair. For the longest time, I thought I needed to comb my hair. This is because wet hair is swollen and more fragile, prone to stretching and breaking. (“Hair is very elastic when wet,” Clay Nielsen, A hair care expert and celebrity stylist, introduced to us before Wet hair. ) This is the problem: For those with straight or scattered waves, this advice is correct-it is better to put the tangling agent on the hair when dry, as opposed to wet.

But what about those with curly hair? We’d better use a lot of conditioner to tidy up in the shower. “Never use a dry brush to brush the hair band. Wash the scalp and hair in warm water to remove dirt, sweat and product buildup, then rinse, and then use conditioner.” Branch said. “Use a nourishing conditioner to gently tangle your hair. Practice patience, treat your hair better, and comb it with your fingers and/or a wide-toothed comb.”


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