7 ways to solve Gaslighting provided by the therapist


Gaslighting depends on the frequency spectrum. Some tankers do not know that they are refueling, and to a large extent do not know how their behavior affects another person. But some tankers are very aware of what they are doing, which is intentional and unrepentant.Whether the person should perform other acts that belong to the act The spectrum of narcissistic personality disorder, Then they are more likely to cheer you on purposely.

People who work in gas lighting often want to know their motives. If the tanker does not know that they are refueling, it will give them hope. Essentially, the people on the receiving side are trying to assess how patient they should be with the abuser. E.g: Maybe they don’t know what they are doing, I can show them, and talking can improve work efficiency.

But the important thing is, if you know what their motives are, what will actually change? It can help you learn to master situations more proficiently (for example, if you know their motives are to raise suspicion, then this may enable you to stand firm to your truth), but you don’t have to understand their motives for the sake of order. Set boundaries.


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