6 sustainability resolutions for Earth Day 2021


The climate crisis will not be resolved in one day.

in spite of The Earth Day Of course it is good in theory, but in fact it needs to last until after April 22. This is a holiday that can use the New Year holiday: Imagine if all of us use Earth Day to conduct self-inspection and set ambitious environmental goals for the future? Imagine if we shared this information with friends and relatives and vowed to let each other move forward responsibly?

At mbg, we all personally pledge to exercise more or eat less sugar, but these sustainability decisions will have a greater impact on our collective community (many of whom will also pay dividends for personal well-being).

Therefore, in the name of reflecting on the places we have been and blazing a new trail, today we share six Earth Day 2021 resolutions inspired by the consumer trends we have brewed over the past year. Promise one; promise everyone; or promise to do it yourself. Whatever you do, take a committed attitude today.


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