4 ways this doctor can rebuild intestinal health after illness


Almost four hours after eating leftover sushi on a Saturday night, I found myself in a very bad situation diarrhea. By Sunday night, it became bloody and frequent, and the entire abdomen was painful.

Worried, I went to my local emergency room. After a CT scan showed that my entire colon was inflamed and my appendix was normal, I was transferred to the gastroenterology department. By Monday afternoon, I was ready for an emergency colonoscopy.

After the operation, the gastroenterologist told me she thought I had This is difficult (hard(or Clostridium difficile) Colitis, a bacteria that can cause diarrhea and inflammation of the colon. I quickly started taking the first antibiotic.

Fast forward three days, I received intravenous fluids at home, and I have seen bone disease, but still have bloody diarrhea and pain. Then, I started using two different antibiotics. Fortunately, these methods can solve the problem. The bleeding was stopped within two days, and the diarrhea was stopped within three days.

Although I am grateful for this remedy, I also know that research shows that taking antibiotics can Changing the human microbiome. I thought my intestines were just like a new born person, a new blank board, so I decided that the most important thing at the time was to focus on rebuilding my strength and making a healthy and balanced microbiome. Based on my experience as a functional medicine doctor, the following are the steps I choose to take to support my intestines:


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