4 keys to happiness and productivity from experts


It has been 13 months since all of us have adapted to virtual work, and for many of us, we are still doing this. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Gallup found that 56% of workers Still working remotely “always” or at least “most of the time”.Yes, working from home does have some benefits-including no commuting, more family time, and the ability to do housework during breaks-but team leaders and members are working hard to establish connections and are working hard Tired of the days of zoom calls.

In the office, communication between people is the number one driver of happiness-no wonder this year is full of challenges! Interpersonal relationships mean spending time with the people you care about and those who care about you. In the workplace, this means maintaining healthy and connected relationships with bosses, colleagues and direct reports.In Gallup Q12 employee satisfaction surveyHow people answer “I have a best friend at work” is directly related to the success of the organization.

Knowing the importance of team connection, there are now four strategies to increase your team connection.


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