An easy vegan winter glow wild rice salad recipe to try

Winter may be over, but we still like this hearty “winter salad”, filled with nutrients to help you find the brilliance you need.Made from a mixture of roasted vegetables and served with Fresh pomegranate, This delicious salad will surely become your favorite soon.

In addition, the base material of salad is “grain”, you may not use it for cooking: wild rice. Michelle Miller wrote: “Wild rice is not actually rice, but aquatic grass.” Pegan diet recipes for beginners“It has a chewy texture and earthy flavor. It is very suitable for mixing with salad dressings in salads or adding to cream soups.”

The recipes Miller shared in her book were directly inspired by inspiration Mark Hyman (MD Hyman), MDof On a diet (he Published his own new book Regarding the topic earlier this year). Combining the wisdom of two popular diets ( Vegan with ancient Diet), eating “pegan” mainly refers to eating real whole foods. This delicious and nutritious salad definitely meets your requirements.

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