COVID-19 latest update: health


April 8, 2021-After 11 people who received a dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine suffered “adverse reactions” including nausea and dizziness, the mass vaccination site in Colorado was closed. Centura Health said in a statement

Wednesday’s work stoppage “was after following our agreement and, in a cautious manner, made the decision to suspend operations for the rest of the day with the state government.” The state health department said that two patients were taken to the hospital. Observations were made while EMT treated 9 other people with additional juice and water.

More than 1,700 people were vaccinated at the site in the commercial city a few miles north of Denver, so the vaccination rate involved in the question is less than 1%. Centura said that 640 patients who could not be vaccinated due to the suspension will be automatically scheduled on Sunday. The state said that Pfizer’s vaccine requires two doses and will be injected on Sunday. COVID-19 incident commander Scott Bookman (Scott Bookman) said: “It may be shocking to hear that someone has been taken to the hospital.”

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