How to prepare and transport indoor plants during the move

With the increase in plant species and the settlement of plants in the current space, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine what to do if it is necessary to move.

Considering that I am about to take action and have to pack more than 200 factories, this is currently my focus. One of these plants is my good friend Frank, which is a 14-foot (4.25 m) d-leaf tree that I have owned since 2014.

When I got Frank, I lived in New Orleans. I moved him from one apartment to another there, and in the spring of 2015, we packed up and moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where I live today. In the first year before this, I became a dedicated plant parent, so I was not proficient in how to properly prepare for my move. I will not only leave Frank, but also about 60 other factories. This was almost a test conducted by fire, but every factory transported it safely to a new home.

During this move, I noticed how to better prepare so that when I take another move, the pressure will be less and the efficiency will be higher. This is my tip on how to prepare plants for relocation.

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