Some Covid-19 long-distance transporters say that the vaccine may be alleviating their symptoms.Researchers are studying: health

The same thing happened to me. I have experienced some kind of horrible immune vertigo for 6 months, with swollen legs, swollen fingers, severe joint pain and rashes. The most important thing is that I have been ill for a whole year due to repeated episodes of “bronchitis”. This bronchitis requires 8 rounds of antibiotics and 2 inhalers to get rid of it. The doctor considered fiber, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis, but none of the symptoms were clearly consistent with the diagnosis. The pain/swelling improved after the first injection, but after the second injection, after the fever/chills disappeared, I felt no pain at all. I went from taking 8 to 12 Chinese medicines, numbing creams, CBD, wearing braces on my hands, and 87% of my hands and hand joints with abnormal functions to being able to write with a pen and open a ziploc bag within 36 hours. The second shot. My doctor was taken aback, I have reported to CDC and Moderna. Who knows, maybe we will learn eventually? After 3 weeks, some of the pain recovered, but it was the same day and night. There is no painkiller.

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