Weekly horoscope for April 5-12, 2021, from AstroTwins

The details in the dialogue may be blurred or even omitted intentionally. You might feel angry in one minute, cry in the next minute, and come back again! Not without reason. When these planets roared loudly, people hid their schedules behind a cloud of weird lies in the dirty battle. Unless they can confirm their claims with reliable evidence (from trusted sources), don’t trust anyone.

Mars-Neptune Square can show a heroic complex in all of us, but can wield your superpowers wisely. It is almost too easy to sniff a soul tortured by rescuers who seek mutual dependence. Hey, we all need it. However, without self-sovereignty, you may end up making sacrifices and depleting your spare tanks.

This kind of cosmic dust can also be cured. If you have been enduring intense emotions, then this transit will push them to the ground in a cathartic way. Brave Mars can help wounded souls find the courage to talk about the deepest fears, while Neptune shows hidden brilliance through artworks.

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