4 gloss agents to be used at home after winter

After this winter (this long winter), I certainly feel a desire for refreshment. I want to make my skin smooth in the moisturizing and glowing face. I want to launch the brightest and most interesting eyeliner and lipstick I have. I think, do it again. I am going to add a little luster to my daily work and appearance.

I am not alone. I have always received the same question from friends, colleagues and family: Although you know, how can I add a little charm to my appearance when my family is still on a limited budget.Of course, there are many routes to choose from here (I encourage you to choose your own adventure here), but one answer to look for is at home Glaze or gloss.

The celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador said: “The glaze is basically a semi-permanent color that can fill the hair shaft with luster and can be washed several times.” Matt Rez. Because the pigments are located on the top of the shaft and can be made with light-reflective nutrients, they are often used as a way to add shine to dull hair. On the other hand, gloss will last longer and tend to change color. (In some traditional examples, it will use ammonia to open the stratum corneum to deposit color, but here we avoid this.) Anyway, these two are low-hair options, which can change the color of the hair for winter Bring some fun.

If you think this is exactly what the beauty editor ordered, then this is my favorite “for you” option.

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