Vegan and gluten-free Hawaiian oke recipes from top chefs

At Lineage, we have these cool pupu carts, and my father welded them together with scrap metal. The inspiration is that, just like in our house, when you sit down, you are already eating and drinking. I originally wanted to put a small bowl of poke on the shopping cart, but obviously, the health department does not like the raw fish circulating around outdoor restaurants in the tropics.

So instead, we used all The delicious produce we got from farmers On Maui, and expressed through the lens of traditional oke. The more we play with this dish, the more we like to be completely vegan yet able to capture the original soul.

Any and all root vegetables are very suitable for this dish. The key is to bake them long enough to make them soft but not mushy. After all, your goal is roughly the texture of raw tuna. Adding uncooked vegetables, such as shredded radishes, onions and cucumbers, can bring freshness and crunch. Peas can also work well.

Here i like to use soy sauce Rather than soy sauce, it is made only of roasted soybeans, not a mixture of soybeans and wheat, and has a strong earthy flavor that can be used with roasted vegetables.

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