How to balance the mood and appearance with the formula of Cannabis+

The cannabis extracts of this product are full spectrum, which means they contain many types of beneficial plant compounds called cannabinoids, the most famous and most studied of which is CBD.

So, what does this have to do with emotions?In animal research Facts have proved that CBD can relieve anxiety, Thanks to the way it interacts with certain neuroreceptors. *

In human trials, it also showed the hope of stabilizing stress levels and improving eyesight. * Double-blind study in 2011, Participants with social anxiety disorder received CBD or placebo treatment before taking the public speaking test. The placebo group showed higher anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort than the CBD group. *

Research on how CBD affects the brain found that CBD seems to increase brain activity. Brain regions that mediate stress. *

We still have a lot of things we don’t know about how CBD and other cannabinoids in cannabis change our outlook. Because the THC content of cannabis products is very low (the cannabinoids in cannabis make people feel “high”), their effects on the brain may be gradual, and their effects are partly due to their interaction with the human peripheral nervous system Way mediated. *

Regardless of the mechanism used, the other ingredients in hemp and cannabis, as well as other ingredients-vitamin D, hops, rosemary, black cumin seeds, cloves, and black pepper-seem to calm people, and they can work better together. the work.

“When I started taking it, after a busy day, I found myself more relaxed and peaceful, and under normal circumstances I would be under a lot of pressure,*” Personalized Medicine Doctor Molly Maloof, MD, write Her experience in products. “In general, I noticed that some minor annoyances and stress have been relieved overall.*”

Another cannabis devotee, Samantha Schwartz, said this changed the way her body responds to stressful thoughts and circumstances. “The biggest difference is that although my anxious thoughts are still lingering, it didn’t make me react physically or mentally.” She wrote.

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