Dog Detector helps YouTuber cope with COVID isolation

April 1, 2021-COVID-19 Pandemic In the past year, it has changed a lot, including the way people interact with strangers and their dogs.

because Social isolation, This has become a kind of speechless person who destroys the space between people to meet their cubs. But YouTuber Ryder Calm Down found a solution.

Ryder uses artificial intelligence to create a machine that can look out the window and sound an alarm when a dog walks by. Once the machine detects the dog, it will use the loudspeaker to shout: “I like your dog!” to people outside.

Ryder Calm Down explained on his YouTube channel: “Isolation is not great, but watching dogs makes me feel better.” “That’s it. I do feel better, but I’m not sure if the dogs are still being built. Things that work.”

Ryder’s invention brought him something-looking at a dog can really boost emotions. Studies have shown that interacting with animals can help people reduce loneliness, and may even reduce loneliness. blood pressure And stress levels, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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