6 ways to beware of narcissists from psychologists

When you look at this study, you will find signs of adult narcissism (believing impulsivity, violation of rules, or lack of empathy) in young children, but most psychologists and researchers avoid putting young children Mark as a narcissist.

Campbell told mbg: “I will never panic about 8-year-old narcissism, because many of these things will change with development.” In fact, personality will continue to develop until a person appears in their 20s. Psychologist and narcissistic expert Dr. Ramani Durvasula Add to.

It is also common for adolescents to adopt polite and selfish behavior towards their parents, which is not necessarily a sign of narcissism. In order to better understand their personality, “Please pay attention to how they treat their peers,” Durvasula said. “Although they may not get along with you, it is a good sign if they practice rules and compassion with their peers.”

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